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Welcome to Aqua-Hub

Congratulations! You have found Aqua-Hub.

We aim to become THE site to visit to find current events and history of the wonderful hobby of Aquatics.

Travelling around the country to various events it’s sad to see attendance is generally down at most events of course there’s a few bucking the trend and this is great to see. The reason for this is not enough advertising or double booking, this was the driving reason for starting Aqua-Hub where a club double books a date there is never a winner both clubs lose out on attendance which unfortunately means a loss of revenue for each club. We hope clubs and groups will send in event dates to help other clubs to plan and also raise awareness for the visiting public to your own event.

In addition to current Aquarist Groups listing and show reports we will also be listing the history behind the groups along with those long gone but not forgotten

We hope when you think Aquatics you think Aqua-Hub.

If you have information on a show, auction or history of a group that you think should be on Aqua-Hub please  CONTACT US.

Special thanks to Dr David Ford for helping with information and sending lots of photos of winners of the major fishkeeping competetions we will soon be adding these to the site along with some articles supplied by Dr. Ford